3. Giả dụ họ không thao tác làm việc chăm chỉ, họ vẫn không thành công trong hội thi sống còn.

Bạn đang xem: Just a moment

4. Bọn họ sẽ không bị lạnh nếu chúng ta mặc áo khoác bên ngoài ấm.

5. Nếu anh ta bắt gặp một con sư tử, anh ta vẫn sợ hãi.

6. Charlie đã khỏe hơn giả dụ anh ấy uống một chút nước,

7. Giả dụ bạn kết thúc bài tập về bên kịp thời, chúng ta có coi chương trình xiêu bạt đó bên trên TV không?

8. Chúng ta sẽ làm gì nếu bị mất bạn dạng đồ?


Câu 1:

Complete the sentences with “must, mustn"t, should” or “shouldn"t” (Hoàn thành những câu cùng với “must, mustn"t, should” hoặc “shouldn"t”)

1. We … swim in the sea today. The weather is very bad and there"s a red flag.

2. The exams are finished now. You … relax and have a nice time with your friends.

3. You … eat in the library. That"s the rule.

4. We … arrive on time for lessons every day. It"s very important.

5. You … go to lớn bed late. It isn"t a good idea.

6. We … cycle to lớn school every day. It"s cheaper than the bus.

7. You … buy that book. It isn"t very good.

Câu 2:

Complete the dialogue with the phrases. There is one extra phrase (Hoàn thành cuộc đối thoại với các cụm từ. Bao gồm một nhiều từ thừa)


Instructor: Hi! Welcome lớn the climbing wall. There are a few important things lớn say before you start. Firstly (1) watch some climbing videos on YouTube. They"re useful.

Ethan: Cool. (2) to vì chưng that.

Instructor: Then, (3) you always wear a helmet when you"re here.

Ethan: OK. I"ll put my helmet on now.

Instructor: & keep away from other climbers below you on the wall. (4) kick their hands.

Ethan: OK, but what vị you think will happen if I fall?

Instructor: Don"t worry, you won"t fall. We use ropes. (5) if you climb with ropes.

Câu 3:

Complete the dialogues with the words in the box (Hoàn thành các đoạn đối thoại với các từ trong hộp)


1. “What is the population of Viet Nam?” - "I guess it"s more than 98 … people.”

2. “What"s the hottest … in your country?” – “I know that one. It"s July, or perhaps August.”

3. “What is 25% as a …?” – “We think it"s a …”

4. “How far is the station from here?” – “It isn"t very far. L"d say it"s only about a …”

5. “Why was the year 2000 important?” – “It was the start of the new …”

6. “What vày we need khổng lồ make this big cake?” – “I reckon we need about a … of sugar”

7. “How fast can you run 100 …?” – “I can usually run it in 17 …”

8. “When was the artist Vincent Van Gogh born?” – “Maybe it was in the 19 … but I"m not sure.”

Câu 4:

Listen to lớn the conversation between Alex & his dad. Complete the sentences below. (Hãy lắng nghe cuộc trò chuyện giữa Alex và cha của anh ấy. Hoàn thành các câu bên dưới đây.)

Alex …

1. Has got two … in his bag.

2. Has got a new …

3. Hasn"t got a …

4. Needs to buy a …

5. Doesn"t want lớn take a …

6. Can"t put the big … in his bag.

Câu 5:

Complete the sentences with the words in the box (Hoàn thành những câu với những từ trong hộp)


1. Before it"s dark, you need to lớn … a new shelter with branches.

2. If you see a big bear, try to … still.

3. If you"re afraid, you can … up a tree.

4. Look for a river if you want khổng lồ … some drinking water.

5. You can always … away quickly from animals.

6. Don"t … strange fruit.

Xem thêm: Viết Về Nghề Nghiệp Trong Tương Lai Bằng Tiếng Anh, Viết Về Nghề Nghiệp Tương Lai Bằng Tiếng Anh:

7. If you … the sun, you can find out where you are. You don"t need a map!

8. Remember to lớn … all dangerous plants.

Câu 6:

Complete the personality adjectives in the text. (Hoàn thành những tính tự chỉ tính bí quyết trong văn bản.)

If you want to bởi well on a TV survival programme, you need the right personal qualities. First of all, it"s important to lớn want lớn win - you need khổng lồ be (1). It also helps if you"re (2) because you need to climb trees & run away from crocodiles! It"s useful khổng lồ be intelligent, creative & (3). Don"t forget lớn work in a team & listen khổng lồ others - nobody likes a (4) person! If people lượt thích you, they will help you, so don"t be too quiet và (5). It"s always important lớn be (6).

Câu 7:

Complete the dialogue and practice with your partner. (Hoàn thành cuộc hội thoại và thực hành thực tế với bạn của bạn.)


Tina: This “phở” is amazing, Mai! When did you learn how to lớn cook like that?

Mai: My mum showed me how to make “phở” about six months ago.

Tina: I love Vietnamese cooking, but I"m no good. (1) lớn learn?

Mai: (2) learn from somebody in your family.

Tina: (3) nobody in my family can make Vietnamese food.

Mai: (4) watch videos online.

Tina: I suppose so.

Mai: Or you can have some cooking lessons.

Tina: (5)

Mai: Or perhaps I can teach you & we can eat “phở” together!

Tina: (6)

Câu 8:

Complete the sentences using “can, can"t, could” or “couldn"t” (Hoàn thành các câu sử dụng “can, can"t, could” và “couldn"t”)

1. … that child prodigy play the piano when she was two?

2. The boy on TV now … remember 1,000 different numbers - he"s amazing!

3. My little sister … write any words at the moment, but she can read easy sentences.

4. We ... Play tennis when we were ten, but we"re good at it now.

5. That famous artist … paint well at an early age.

6. How many languages … your cousin speak now?

Câu 9:

Order the words khổng lồ make sentences. Then match the sentences with the questions below (Sắp xếp các từ để chế tạo ra thành câu. Sau đó nối những câu cùng với các câu hỏi bên dưới)

Enid Blyton

1. British / writer / was / Enid Blyton / a

2. Born / was / 1891 / England / in / She / in

3. Sixteen / when / was / she / writing / She first / started

4. Became / Enid Blyton / eventually / the / famous/ most / of / writer / children"s stories

5. Loved / People / her work / were / her mysteries / because / exciting / so

A. Who was Enid Blyton?

B. What did she become?

C. Where was she born?

D. Why were her books popular?

E. When did she first start writing?

Câu 10:

Complete the sentences by making comparisons. (Hoàn thành các câu bằng phương pháp so sánh.)

1. This book about football stars is similar … the book I bought last week.

2. That volleyball player was amazing. He was … (fast) as a tiger.

3. The seats in this stadium are great. They are … (comfortable) than our chairs.

4. Robbie gets up late và he never does any sport. He"s … (lazy) person I know.

5. The new swimming pool is very large. It"s different … the old pool.

6. This race is very difficult. It"s not … (easy) as the long race last year.

7. That match is bad! It doesn"t attract … (many) viewers as the one I saw.

Câu 11:

Complete the words (Hoàn thành các từ)


Câu 12:

Complete the questions with “How” and the words in the box. (Hoàn thành các thắc mắc với "How" và các từ trong khung)

1. “… books vày you read every year?” – “Over forty. I"m a child prodigy!”

2. “.... Can you run in an hour?” – “About six kilometres.”

3. “… are you now?” – “I"m one metre seventy.”

4. “… homework do you do? – “Quite a lot!”

5. “… is Adam?” – “He"s fourteen.”

6. “… is that young film star?” – “I don"t know, but he"s got more money than me!”

Câu 13:

Listen to lớn the radio programme. Then tick (V) the boxes (Nghe chương trình radio. Sau đó ghi lại (V) vào những ô)

What was Jacques Cousteau?


Câu 14:

Put the paragraphs in the suitable order (Đặt các đoạn văn theo trang bị tự phù hợp)

A. You should start studying early for the exams. Don"t wait until the last minute! If you need help with anything, you should speak to your teacher.

B. On the day of the exam, it"s important to lớn arrive early. You don"t want lớn be late. Don"t panic if you find some questions difficult! If you read them again, you"ll understand them.

C. Exams are a big part of life và here are my tips for surviving them.

D. Always pay attention in class và listen to lớn the teacher. It"s a good idea to lớn write careful notes in lessons. They"ll be useful when you want to revise.

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