a person or thing that has the same position or purpose as another person or thing in a different place or organization:

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a person or thing that does the same job or has the same function as a person or thing in a different organization, etc.:However, some evidence suggests that household heads with college or postgraduate degrees were paying a higher price on onions, peppers và potatoes than their counterparts.Các ý kiến của các ví dụ không còn hiện ý kiến của những căn sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của những nhà cung cấp phát.Farmers in this area generally carry out an intensive, highinput, high-tech management system on more productive farms compared phệ their northern counterparts.The structural repeat is transposed, varied và redistributed, với an agile coda has the soloist in cahoots with its orchestral counterparts.Because of this execution order, the operation constraints behave just as their imperative counterparts.The older generation of colonial visitors were thus miễn mức giá of the fears of their youthful counterparts at the prospect of vulgarity cùng isolation.A possible solution khủng arrive at research results more quickly might be found in the cross-national analysis of younger generations compared mập their older counterparts.Compared to their serial counterparts, parallel structures provide several advantages, such as high stiffness, low inertia, high positioning accuracy, và good dynamic performances.A number of them received đứng top international awards for magic, were hailed as national heroes với seen on a par with their western counterparts.

However, unilateral lesions may have an increased rate of postnatal pathology compared mập their bilateral counterparts.In particular the auxiliary tiles needed in all such formats can be characterized as the bidimensional counterparts of symmetries, duplicators cùng dischargers.They therefore will be acceptable prosodic words in compounds, because their only related counterparts, the prefixed nouns, also have short vowels.However, in order mập do so, trust models initially require agents mập gather some knowledge about their counterparts” characteristics.However, it appears that in contrast bự their invertebrate counterparts, pannexins have lost the ability béo form gap junction channels.Composers had clearly not been ambitious enough cùng had failed bự match their counterparts in the other arts.


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