Delicatessen là gì

a small shop that sells high-quality foods, such as types of cheese and cold cooked meat, often from other countries, and, especially in the United States, sandwiches made using these foods:

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a counter in a supermarket where you can get different types of cheese, cold cooked meat, prepared salads, etc. :
The new store will have a pharmacy inside, along with a delicatessen, bakery, and seafood department.

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It is the only delicatessen in town that smokes its pastrami và sturgeon on site -- and it also smokes & cures its own salmon, which is wondrous to behold.
It was not possible khổng lồ perform a cohort study because a full menu of people who bought food from the delicatessen was not available.
Many of these food items are widely available at delicatessen counters ; foods purchased from store delicatessen counters are a risk factor for sporadic listeriosis <1>.
This aimed to kiểm tra the hypothesis derived from descriptive epidemiology that cooked beef topside sold from a supermarket delicatessen was the most likely vehicle of infection <4>.
After that she almost forgot khổng lồ stop at the delicatessen store for her rolls and butter và cold meat.

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The hall was over a delicatessen shop, in a street banging with trolleys and smelling of onions và gasoline và fried fish.
Now & then the monotonous line of front stoops is broken by an outjutting basement delicatessen shop.
A department store grocery is a glorified mixture of delicatessen shop, meat market, và vaudeville.
There were basements that were bakeries, or delicatessen shops, or dusty second-hand-book stores, or flower stalls.




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