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German newspapers have carried reports of sightings in such disparate places as Switzerland, Iran, và Paraguay.
In the remaining two cases, two factors emerge, the disparate nature of the work and role de-synchrony.
This thematic grouping helpfully structures an otherwise disparate set of texts, và should guide the reader towards the section of most interest to lớn them.
However, we would argue that the experimental platform is less than ideal due khổng lồ the disparate implementation technologies and configuration options utilized.
It is a cleverly constructed conceit, proceeding as a series of tiny developments & evolutions of its disparate basic materials which break and reform throughout.
The history of the creative manipulation of words in the last hundred years is, in common with other areas of sound art, disparate và spasmodic.
This is a daunting prospect, not only because of the immense research programme implied but the complex, disparate nature of the non-agricultural countryside.
This is largely because the book seems khổng lồ consist of a large number of disparate reflections, connected by no discernible motif.
The essays show a more disparate range of interests & approaches than this orderly structure might suggest.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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