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These partners viewed the person"s " dysfunctional " behaviours as indicating helplessness và confusion rather than seeing them as presentational cues to the person"s preferred persona.
Plus most women on death row, like their male counterparts, have complex, dysfunctional lives, và so defy easy categorisation.
This would suggest that even minimal treatment such as self-help groups may improve bulimic behaviours and dysfunctional attitudes, at least in the short-term.
Mood matters : negative mood induction activates dysfunctional attitudes in women vulnerable to lớn depression.
Partly as a consequence of dysfunctional institutions, the economy entered into decline from the mid-1960s, a downward slide that accelerated in the 1970s.
Because we are guided by a functionalist framework, we do not want to imply that anger, per se, is a "dysfunctional" or maladaptive emotion.
Additionally, as we saw above, a generally dysfunctional security sector riddled with poor leadership created circumstances in which order & discipline were undermined.
Research should therefore also be aimed at investigating the genetic basis of hemispheric connectivity và its role in dysfunctional social cognition in schizophrenia.
Besides, many features of the system, especially motherhood at a very early age, were seen to be cruel và socially dysfunctional.
In particular, it is hypothesized that oppositional behaviors (without concurrent aggression) primarily reflect dysfunctional parent-child relations.
However, much to lớn the chagrin of these fishermen, within a few years of operation, caused most of these units to lớn become dysfunctional.

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