Below are sample sentences containing the word "mouth-watering" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to lớn these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "mouth-watering", or refer to the context using the word "mouth-watering" in the English Dictionary.

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1. A mouth-watering display of cakes.

2. Look at those mouth-watering cakes.

3. Make mouth-watering sugar , fruit sugar , I.

4. Prizes worth a mouth-watering £6 million are unclaimed.

5. The many mouth-watering desserts of Touraine are based on fruits.

6. Then there were plenty of mouth-watering, delicious food on the table.

7. The waitress came round with a tray of mouth-watering cream cakes.

8. The delicatessen sells a mouth-watering variety of cooked meats và cheeses.

9. Breakfast và lunch are well-presented with abundant và mouth-watering self-service buffets.

10. Mouth-watering aromas rose from a rich, golden broth prepared by students from Broomfield High.

11. For that, he receives a mouth-watering 70 percent of his subsidy from the city.

12. Fiji mix up a mouth - watering final with New Zealand after accounting for England 22 - 21 .

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13. It will have your mouth watering, just thinking about a good nut-brown ale or creamy porter.

14. You will be hard pressed to lớn choose a single main course because so many are mouth-watering.

15. Now listen closely, & I"ll give you all the ingredients you"ll need for this mouth-watering dessert.

16. Corbett could smell the heavy, thick fragrance of those mouth-watering dishes he had seen being prepared in the kitchen.

17. Rita: But look at these mouth-watering, shining red apples. I can " t wait to lớn have a bite-right now.

18. Picture a huge festive dinner table, mix with dozens of mouth-watering dishes for you and your guests to lớn pick from.

19. The Kintyre bar has a large selection of mouth-watering whiskies và the meals in the restaurant offer high chất lượng cooking.

20. I, for one, always get rice if I"m also ordering dishes bathed in a spicy sauce, lượt thích mapo tofu or mouth-watering chicken.

21. Today, one of the missionaries has prepared a mouth-watering dish of fried chicken and French-fried potatoes, along with a tomato salad —her specialty!

22. Arsenal have little time to lick their wounds with a mouth-watering FA Cup quarter final clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday evening.

23. What utter torture it is always watching others tucking into piles of mouth - watering food while you mouth a water biscuit and sip unsweetened lemon juice!

24. It opens with the father, Chef Chu, plucking a live chicken from his backyard coop và minutes later turning it into a steaming, mouth-watering casserole dish.

25. However, the team still boasts a mouth-watering array of talented players such as attacking midfielder Kaka, striker Robinho, and the super-fit defender Dani Alves of Barcelona.

26. There are currently four squads across Europe who are quite simply a cut above the rest. Each is blessed with an abundance of mouth-watering talent and flourishing youth.

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27. 26 There are currently four squads across Europe who are quite simply a cut above the rest. Each is blessed with an abundance of mouth-watering talent và flourishing youth.