Tackling the Population Problem

Every day we showroom 227,000 more people lớn the planet — & the UN predicts that human population will surpass 11 billion by the over of the century. As the world"s population grows, so bởi vì its demands for water, land, trees & fossil fuels — all of which come at a steep price for already endangered plants and animals.

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Current world population:

Unsustainable population growth and lack of access to lớn reproductive health care also puts pressure on human communities, exacerbating food & water shortages, reducing resilience in the face of climate change, and making it harder for the most vulnerable communities lớn rise out of intergenerational poverty. We can reduce our own population pressure and consumption lớn an ecologically sustainable màn chơi in ways that promote human rights; decrease poverty & overcrowding; raise our standard of living; & allow plants, animals and ecosystems lớn thrive.


Endangered Species Condoms

Endangered Species Condoms offer a fun, chất lượng way khổng lồ break through the taboo và get people talking about the liên kết between human population growth and the wildlife extinction crisis.


The Extinction Crisis

Most biologists agree we"re in the midst of the Earth"s sixth mass extinction event; species are disappearing at the fastest rate since dinosaurs roamed the planet. This time, though, it isn"t because of geologic or cosmic forces — it"s because of our unsustainable human population growth and overconsumption.


Human Population Growth and Urban Sprawl

As our growing human population reaches farther and farther into remote areas in search of room to lớn build cities, housing developments, golf courses and new farms, we"re squeezing wildlife into ever smaller habitat refuges, often leaving endangered species nowhere else lớn go.

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Our Carbon Footprint

The Center has been working lớn address the connection between rampant human population growth và the extinction crisis since 2009. Our innovative campaigns focus on common-sense solutions, including the empowerment of women and girls, the education of all people, universal access lớn birth control, sustainable consumer choices, and a societal commitment lớn giving all species a chance lớn live và thrive.

Bringing Population Back Into the Conversation

Human population growth is at the root of our most pressing environmental issues, yet it"s often left out of the conversation. We can fight lớn curb climate change, stop habitat loss and clean up pollution, but if we don"t address our unsustainable population, it"ll stay an uphill battle that we can"t win. The first step to solving a problem is getting people lớn talk about it.

The Center is working to put the spotlight back on human population growth. We"re using creative media like our award-winning Endangered Species Condoms to lớn start conversations on a person-to-person basis nationwide & using YouTube to explain those not quite so obvious connections between population growth and other environmental problems in short, entertaining but educational vlog videos. We"re also pushing outreach by bringing the message to museums, science centers & classrooms and through social truyền thông campaigns lượt thích #CrowdedPlanet.


Supporting Reproductive Justice & Access to Birth Control

Both men and women play a role in human population growth, but when it comes khổng lồ reproductive decisions, women are disproportionately affected by a lack of empowerment & access khổng lồ healthcare. Many women are unable khổng lồ get the contraception or family planning tools they want or need to lớn make decisions about their reproductive futures. Unfortunately lawmakers are currently doing everything they can to restrict reproductive healthcare, including education & access lớn contraception.

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We support unfettered access to lớn education, reproductive healthcare và contraception for women & men, whether they prefer condoms, oral birth control or long-acting contraceptives lượt thích an IUD or vasectomy. Every person should have the tools, information và ability to make the best reproductive choice for themselves, their partner and the planet.

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