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The hands rest horizontally on the stomach but are rather separated, & no fingers are shown, nor are toes depicted on the feet.
The feet have five toes each and rest on a ring below which extends a 16.5 centimet long cylindrical peg base.
During virtual stepping, the robots were attached khổng lồ the metatarsus, which yielded more consistent stepping than attaching lớn the toes or lower shank.
The sickle toe is rather acuminate & constitutes a triangular shape, which drops below the attachment point for the marginal hook handle.
The high foot has toe"s z-position of 0.10 m và z-acceleration of 0.002 m/s2 in the middle term of the swing phase.
When the swing foot collided with the ground, support would be transferred impulsively from the heel to lớn the toe at the midstance.
Many blind persons show exquisite sensitivity to lớn sounds và smells, and those born without arms can attain remarkable skill in operating with their toes.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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