Write Ten Sentences Daily Routine In English


Make a menu of daily activities

First we need to think about your daily activities. We can make a danh mục of everyday activities: wake up/get up, brush my teeth, have/eat breakfast (or have something FOR breakfast), have a shower, get dressed, go lớn work/shool, get to lớn work/school, kiểm tra my emails, kiểm tra my social media, work ON my computer, have lessons, have/eat lunch, finish work, go home, get home, walk my dog, vì chưng my homework, surf the internet, go running, go to lớn the gym, have/eat dinner, read, watch TV, go khổng lồ bed.

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Note that we say go/get home (NOT go/get lớn home), and we say go/get khổng lồ school, go/get lớn work & go khổng lồ bed (NOT go lớn the school/work/bed)

You can learn the different ways lớn use the verb go here.

Write present simple sentences

When we talk about routines or habits, we use the present simple. So we can write present simple sentences using the verbs in our menu of activities: I have a shower. I brush my teeth. I have coffe và toast for breakfast. Etc.


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Use adverbs of frequency

If we use some adverbs of frequency in our sentences, our text will be better. For example: I usually have coffee & toast for breakfast, but sometimes I don’t have breakfast.

Use connectors & time expressions


Now we should địa chỉ connectors in our text, such as and, or, but, because, so.For example, imagine we have these two sentences: I get up at 7.30. I brush my teeth. They sound lượt thích a list. So we can use and to lớn put the two sentences together: I get up at 7:30 and I brush my teeth.

Time expressions

In addition, you should use time words to lớn connect the different sentences. Some time words are:

After that, …After breakfast/work/school/dinnerIn the morning/afternoon/evening, …At (time), …Then, …Next, …… and then …When I …… from (time) lớn (time)

Look at this text:

I get up at 7:30 and I brush my teeth. I have a shower and get dressed. I have breakfast and prepare my lunch. I drive lớn work.

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Now look at the same text with time expressions:

I get up at 7:00 và I brush my teeth. After that, I have a shower and get dressed. Then, I have breakfast and I prepare my lunch. Next, I drive khổng lồ work.

The second paragraph sounds much better.

Write 3 paragraphs

We can orgnanise the sentences into 3 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: My morning activitiesParagraph 2: Activities during the dayParagraph 3: Evening activities


I get up at 7:00 & I brush my teeth. After that, I have a shower and get dressed. Then, I have breakfast and I prepare my lunch. Next, I drive lớn work.

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When I get khổng lồ work at 8:30, I usually kiểm tra my emails and work on the computer. At 1:00, I have lunch with my co-workers. After that, we work until 5:30 & then I go home. I get home at around 6.

After work, I usually go running or I read. Then I make my lunch. I usually have a salad and some fruit, but on Fridays, I often eat pizza. Next, I watch some TV and I go to bed.